Living Room
Portable Bar Cabinet Floor Lamp
Bookcase Coffee Table End Table
Occasional Chair Rocker Overstuffed Chair
Sofa Sofabed Loveseat
Area Rug Daybed Entertainment Center

Console TV Portable TV CD Player
Receiver Tape Deck Turntable
Floor Speakers Computer Other
Dining Room Buffet Hutch China Cabinet
Kitchen Dining Table Kitchen Table Chair

Single Mattress Boxspring Head/Ftboards
Double Mattress Boxspring Head/Ftboards
Queen Mattress Boxspring Head/Ftboards
King Mattress Boxspring Head/Ftboards
Dresser Night Table Armoire

Baby Crib/Bed Carriage Bath
Chest Toy Chest Child's Chair
Chair Table Playpen

Air Conditioner Dehumidifier Microwave Oven
Refrigerator Freezer Range
Dishwasher Washing Machine Dryer
Sewing Machine Vacuum Cleaner Other

Bicycle Exercise Bike Game/Pool Table
Golf Equipment Fishing Tackle Other

Other Items
Desk Credenza File Box
2 Drawers Filing Cabinet 4 Drawers Filing Cabinet Wardrobe Box
2 Foot Box 4 Foot Box 6 Foot Box
Suitcase Power Tools Other
        Total Space

Estimated the unit
size you will need:

150 or less = 5'x5' unit
300 or less = 5'x10' unit
450 or less = 5'x15' unit
600 or less = 10'x10' unit
900 or less = 10'x15' unit
1200 or less = 10'x20' unit
1500 or less = 10'x25' unit
1800 or less = 10'x30' unit



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